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Rubber Roller For Paper Industries

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Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller
Rubber Roller

POLYTECH manufactures rollers for paper industry based on roller operating parameters. Roll technology involves the manufacture, covering & servicing of large rubber rolls (Up to 6000mm Length , 1000mm in Diameter ). Over which clothing (Wire & Felt) products & between which paper web moves from wet slurry to finished paper.

Many rolls are used in each paper making machine. POLYTECH covered products provide a surface that gives mechanical properties necessary to process the paper sheet that delivers the desired paper qualities by the producer. Our roll qualities are based on parameters like application, chemistry, speed, temperature, pressure, Roll geometry, deflection, balance & coefficient of friction.

We under take the following type of Rubber & Ebonite roller in different Applications.
  • Rubber Roller
  • Press Roller ( Top / Bottom / Middle )
  • Felt Guide Roller
  • Breast Roller
  • Touch Roller
  • Couch Roller
  • Black Diamond Roller

Diameter Up to : 1000mm

Length Up to : 5000mm

Hardness : 35 to 98 Shore A

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